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I Joseph is a self-taught artist from Duquesne, PA.

Acquiring an interest in art at the age of six, he developed his unique artistic talents over the years.   He works in all mediums, his first choice being watercolor.  Sacred art is his preferred subject matter.

He has exhibited for the past forty plus years in galleries and museums throughout the northeast and southeastern parts of the country, most recently in South Florida.  His works have been widely viewed and admired throughout the world by way of his many art web sites.

He was commissioned by the City of Schenectady, NY to do a watercolor of the historic sculpture of the famous Native American Lawrence which stands in the center of the Stockade area of Schenectady.   The original painting is on display in the Schenectady City Hall.  Lithograph No. 1 was presented to the Mayor of Albany, NY, and it is displayed in Albany’s City Hall.  A lithograph of the painting is on permanent display at the famous Proctor’s Theatre in Schenectady.

I Joseph is a past resident member of the exclusive Oak Room Artists Gallery in Upstate New York.   He was a resident artist with the prestigious Artists Guild Gallery in Vero Beach, FL from 2013 to 2016.  He is currently a member of the Vero Beach Art Club.

“I have attempted to capture for the viewer what the eye can behold, yet only the mind and spirit can interpret.”

“Let the spirit move me, let my brush follow.”

--- I Joseph

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Here is a sampling of what you'll find in the full portfolio of Master Paintings.

Last stop Grange Hall Rd.

Last stop Grange Hall Rd.

Barn on Wieble ave

Barn on Wieble ave

Barn in the Mist

Barn in the Mist

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